Sunday, June 27, 2010


Pleasure and pain. They’re not opposites. They’re neighbors … separated by a thin line, by a split second.
One minute you’re feeling like everything is going your way … like you’re ready to climb the highest mountain … headed for the top of the world.
But in the game of life you never know.
You train for years to get a piece of personal glory or a chance to stand toe to toe with your peers and say, “Here I am. Take your best shot.” Then the contest begins and BANG! — you’re down for the count.
It’s not your day. You tried your best. But was it really your best?
So do you go home with a broken heart? Or do you get up smarter, wiser and better prepared then ever before?
It’s a new day … a new season … a new you!
You hope it won’t be the same story, or will pleasure turn into pain again? Are you ready to take life’s best punch — and stay on your feet?
I can’t answer that. Only you can.
Are you hoping for the best? Are you prepared for the challenge? Are you — A Contender?
*** Sylvester Stallone ***
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