Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Useful Printable Templates for Year 2015

Wishing my readers a very Happy New Year 2015!

With the New Year coming, we all wanted printable formats and templates to help us organise ourselves and our life. 

Here are my top 5 useful printable formats and templates for Year 2015.
You can download them as pdf files and print it out for your use, all free of cost. 

1. Calendar: Everybody needs a calendar - for work and for life. Here is a simple calendar for Year 2015 in horizontal and vertical format. 

2. Planning: 

3. Goal setting:

4. To-do list:

5. Resume/ CV: 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

5 Steps to Getting Things Done

Trying to figure out better ways to getting things done, I explored few tools and systems to increase my productivity.
Here I am detailing 5 steps - processes to getting things done.
1. Capture: Creating a list of things that needs to be done is a good start. First it takes the burden on memory. It could be as simple as list of things to do for the day or master list of things you want to do in a lifetime.
2. Categorize: I found prioritizing based on importance doesn't seem to work for me. So I suggest prioritizing based on 'urgency' (One Minute Things to Do) as 'Critical Now', 'Opportunity Now' and 'Someday later'.
3. Break: Now the list of items you have put in may be not actionable. So I suggest breaking them to an apt level so you can take act upon it. This gives clarity of action and feels that we can conquer the list
4. Do: Now this is critical part. Now that you know 'what' do it and 'how' to do it - get dirty to do it. Act upon your to do list. Ensure that the first 3 stages don't exhaust you and you have enough breath to step on the gas - now do it.
5. Review: Once in a while, reviewing the list you have done gives you motivation. I use iDoneThis to track on what I completed. I prefer to keep it at 3 things that I got done. And honestly, though I might have more 3 on my to-do list that day, I get to finish only 3 and that's ok. There is always tomorrow.

All the best for your productivity too.
And get your things done not the other way around!